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North Dakota Arrest Records and Warrants Search

What are arrest records ND and arrest warrants in North Dakota?

Arrest records are crime history reports furnished by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), which is a division of the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office. The BCI collects crime related data from all justice and law enforcement establishments in the state and stores this information in the CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Sharing) repository. From here, this data is made available for criminal investigations as well as in response to criminal history checks.

What will you need for a warrant search in ND?

To conduct a warrant search in ND, you will be asked to provide the fingerprints of the subject or personal identifiers such as the first and last name, current address, date of birth, and social security number (this will not be required for fingerprint inquiries). The applicant will also be required to submit an authorized information release form signed by the subject. If this is unavailable, the BCI will intimate the subject of the request for arrest records before the reports are delivered to the applicant, hence the need for the current address.

What information can you get from an arrest warrants inquiry?

If an adult offender is found guilty of a criminal infraction or if this individual pleads guilty to criminal charges and is eventually convicted of the crime, information pertaining to the case will be held in the criminal history records of the accused till the death of this person. Conviction related data cannot be sealed or expunged, and the public gets equal access to this information as the justice and law enforcement community. Even if the court records are expunged through a judicial order, this information will continue to show in the criminal history records of the individual.

Typically, in the arrest records of a person, you will find details on all convictions regardless of how old these are, information on charges that were dismissed, or cases that ended in acquittal, which are no more than three years old. Also included will be detailed on matters that are still being heard or do not have a disposition from the court but are less than three years old. Jail and arrest records for the last 3 years and data on outstanding warrants which were issued in the three year period preceding the inquiry will be made available as well.

Arrest warrants from ND

In the state, the issue of active warrants involves work on the part of the police as well as the judiciary. While the sheriff’s office handles the pre and post warrant issue processes, the actual release of the arrest orders is left to the judiciary. The procedure involves the submission of formal complaints. After the completion of a criminal investigation, all the evidence, including details gathered through witness testimony, are put down on paper.

This affidavit is submitted to the office of the state prosecution, which peruses the content and later forwards it to the magistrate’s court. The sitting judge decides whether the case framed by the police holds enough merit to clearly show the likelihood of the crime having been committed by the accused. Once probable cause is established, the active warrant is put into effect for execution.

These directives are given priority over most other judicial orders, and arrests can be made under their provisions without heeding any restrictions of time or geography. Furthermore, police can apprehend the suspect at any time after the issue of the arrest warrant. This simply means that outstanding warrants from ND do not have a fixed period of validity.

How do I search for North Dakota arrest records and warrants?

One way to look for information on criminal matters heard by the tribunals of ND is by using the online facility offered by the state’s judicial administration. Of course, visiting the office of the county clerk or the magistrate is also an option. However, most court dockets, including those from criminal and civil tribunals, are uploaded into the online database of the judiciary. You will find not just information on the district court but also the ND Supreme Court through this system.

This service is offered free of charge. However, even if you were to visit the judicial center for a warrant search, you will only be charged for the hard copies of the results. To find information on the verdicts, opinions, and the calendar of the Supreme Court, go to You can search on the basis of the name of the litigants or the case number.

District court records can be accessed at You will find information on tribunals that work at the district as well as county levels through this source. Choose the geographic area of your inquiry and the type of records you need to be redirected to the search tool page. Your choices in terms of the case records that can be accessed include criminal/traffic cases and civil/family or probate trial records.

By conducting a thorough ND arrest records search, you can access the information you need to make informed decisions and stay informed about criminal activity in the state.

North Dakota crime statistics

Criminal incident figures for North Dakota are available for the ten year period from 1999 to 2008. Through this decade, an estimated 140,000 crimes were reported in the various counties of the state. Of these, only about 5% were found to be violent criminal transgressions. Annually, about 14,000 criminal matters were investigated; of these, only about 600 odd cases were filed against violent crimes.

Property related crimes were the front runners in terms of frequency, with thefts alone bringing in over 11000 complaints each year. However, in terms of crime trends, violent criminal acts posed a worrisome image, showing a growth of almost 60% in recent years. As opposed to this, the rate of overall criminal activity plunged by nearly 15%.


Last Updated: February 17, 2023