About Me

North DakotaHello,

 My experience as a skip tracer runs over two decades and over these years, I have worked with cops who needed to find suspects that had slipped away after bail, lawyers who needed to get hold of beneficiaries and people who were keen on contacting the distant members of their family tree.

Every time I have taken on a case, I feel I made a positive impact on the lives of my clients and offered a service of value to the community I live in. Let me tell you that although I mostly work in the South (Texas and Florida), I do have clients in other states and even in Canada. Before I move any further, here is a list of some of my clients:

  • The County of Denton Sheriff’s Office
  • International Genealogy Research
  • Cushing Forensic Genealogy
  • The Locators Ltd
  • Unclaimed Person’s Network

Additionally, I am constantly handing investigations for bail bond persons, attorneys, bad auto loan buyers, realtors and of course individuals. When I work on a case, for me the most important part is to ensure that my clients get reliable and accurate information and for this I keep myself subscribed to a myriad of state and national level databases, such as TLO. Let me explain how I have helped some of the clients listed above:

For all the genealogy linked establishments, I have conducted investigations with the purpose of mapping the lineage of their client. I have also done similar work, including making the family tree map for some of my individual clients. In some instances, the investigations were supposed to go one step further and include information on hereditary illnesses.

For buyers of bad loans, I have located defaulters. I have also done similar investigations for family lawyers who wanted child support defaulters found. I have also located heirs for probate attorneys and friends and family for individuals. In the corporate arena, my investigations have involved researching the ownership history of homes and other assets.

To me, my work offers immense satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment, which is what keeps me going. This is one of the reasons why I also offer my services free of charge to the Unclaimed Person’s Network, finding the next of kin of decedents for them.

If you want to avail my services, call now.

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