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Active warrants from North Dakota are frequently used by the police to arrest suspects who are being accused of felonies as well as misdemeanors. A class of detention orders, active warrants are usually given higher priority than most other judicial orders. Of course, the fact that these directives are issued at the behest of the police means they have every reason to ensure that offenders with active warrants to their names get apprehended at the earliest.

Yet, several thousand North Dakota active warrants that have not been served can be found in the police database at any time. These orders are not returned just because they could not be executed, nor are they restricted by time. This simply means that there is no period of validity imposed on these directives. Active warrants in ND can be put to use at any time after their release.

Why do arrest warrants hold the sway they do?

The reason for this can be pinned on the cumulative efforts put in by the judiciary and the police in issuing the directives. Another crucial consideration is that these directives are strictly based on probable cause. This simply means that an arrest warrant will only be granted when the police have some amount of incriminating evidence against the accused.

Furthermore, the process used for the release of active warrants from ND involves the judicial bench as well. This points to the fact that not only did the police have a significant amount of proof in the criminal case, but also that the judiciary stood in agreement with the police on the complicity of the suspect in the said crime. This is what attaches the degree of importance to active warrants. Of course, the probable cause point is revisited more than once in the eventual criminal processing chronology.

Is the police request for an arrest warrant ever declined?

The primary thing to understand here is that there is nothing haphazard about the process used for the issue of active warrants. To put it simply, neither the police nor the judiciary will deviate from the legally prescribed procedure when handling the release of these directives. The magistrate cannot deny the sheriff’s department an arrest warrant in north Dakota if the cops can show they have evidence to support their belief that the crime was committed by the accused.

Along the same lines, the police cannot coerce the bench to issue the warrant if they do not have evidence that can be used to establish culpability. However, given the low burden of proving guilt at this point, cops are allowed to admit hearsay evidence. When the written affidavit is found to be inadequate, it is always possible to include the words of the witnesses. If, through all of this, probable cause cannot be established, the magistrate will turn down the request for the arrest warrant and ask the prosecution or the police to come back with more proof.

Who can offer information on ND active warrants?

The North Dakota warrant list includes information on the nature of the offense, the date the warrant was issued, and the name and contact information of the issuing agency. ND warrant search can help individuals to determine if they or someone else has an active warrant out for their arrest in North Dakota.

At least in some areas of ND, it is possible to initiate a rudimentary warrant search simply by looking at the most wanted lists posted on the websites of law enforcement agencies. Information on the active warrants from North Dakota issued in more serious crimes is available at:

    • DEA:
    • Grand Forks County:
    • Morton County:{F66ECC52-5D04-437C-B12D-21C09801849E}&DE={6564B034-468F-4A01-AA6B-28F97E6D059E}
    • Ward County:

By utilizing these resources and exercising due diligence, you can perform a North Dakota arrest warrants search and access the information you need.



Last Updated: February 17, 2023