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Among the myriad of options available for an arrest warrant search in Cass County, ND is the provision to look for crime history details online. However, at the moment, this facility is only being offered by private agencies. Criminal justice agencies are adhering strictly to their protocol of disclosing details on active warrants and arrest records only to applicants who visit their offices in person.

So, who you approach for your investigation of arrest warrants will be immaterial as far as the process is concerned. You will either have to drive down to the office of the state establishment, send your legal representative to collect the data on your behalf or write to the agency, requesting them to release the information through mail.

If you notice, what inadvertently happens in all the three situations is that the crime justice agency petitioned gets details on the subject and the applicant. This way, the agency in question can be sure that they have not revealed details of Cass County outstanding warrants to people who are to be taken into custody.

Data on arrests and the issue of active warrants from Cass County is supplemented with information on the eventual criminal trial, including the case disposition. The offices of the county clerk, police and the magistrate will all furnish this information. You can access it by going to:

  • The police: PO Box 488, 211 9th Street South, Fargo, North Dakota 58107
  • The county clerk: PO Box 2806, Fargo, North Dakota 58108
  • The court of the magistrate: 211 9th St S, Fargo, ND 58103

Approximately 3300 criminal complaints are taken to the sheriff’s department of Cass County, North Dakota each year. Of the reports filed, about 5% are against violent crimes while the remaining cases are attributed to property crimes. In recent years, there has been a surprising surge of over 60% in the rates of violent crime.