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The Barnes County ND warrants database is a valuable resource for law enforcement agencies and individuals who need to conduct a thorough warrant search. You could start your arrest warrant search in Barnes County, ND, at the office of the sheriff or the court of the magistrate. There is also a third agency that provides the facility for crime history investigations, but this is discussed further in the article. The police and the judiciary are rightly given first preference since they are actually involved in issuing active warrants.

The sheriff’s department will pursue criminal offenders and seek arrest warrants from the court when required. These directives are only issued when the police can present convincing evidence against the accused in front of the bench. The issue of active warrants in Barnes County is considered as the judicial seal of approval for arrests.

After their release, the handling of these detention orders becomes the responsibility of the police. When an accused is detained under a Barnes County outstanding warrant, arrest records and the original detention directive are sent to the judiciary, which then gets ready for further criminal processing.

Through all of this, the county clerk’s department has but one task; maintaining the court dockets pertaining to the criminal case. Hence, to find information on Barnes County arrest warrants, you could go to the clerk of court, the magistrate, or the sheriff. These criminal justice agencies keep offices at:

  • The sheriff’s department: 218 2nd Ave NE, Valley City, North Dakota 58072
  • The magistrate’s court: 491 2nd Ave NW, Valley City, ND 58072
  • The county clerk’s office: PO Box 684, Valley City, North Dakota 58072

Who should you be calling for details about Barnes County warrants and recent arrests? (Updated in 2023)            

  • To find information about recent arrests, contact the Corrections Division at 701-845-8532
  • To access arrest records and incident/accident reports, contact the Barnes County Sheriff’s Office at 701-845-8530.
  • To inquire about the victim’s assistance, contact the Barnes County Attorney’s Office at 701-845-8526.
  • To learn more about obtaining criminal court records and details on warrants, reach out to the District Court at 701-845-8512.

Crime statistics of Barnes County

In 2019, the Barnes County Sheriff’s Department dealt with about 20 criminal complaints. Around 18 of the complaints were for property crimes. There were 10 cases of larceny theft, 6 incidents of burglary, and 2 cases of motor vehicle theft in this category. Allegations of aggravated assault resulted in the filing of 2 violent crime complaints.

Older crime statistics

There has been a rise of nearly 80% in violent criminal occurrences in Barnes County, North Dakota. The rate of reported criminal activity also showed a growth of almost 30%. After this increase, in 2008, about 120 criminal incidents were reported in the area, of which about 10 were of a violent nature.

Last Updated: February 19, 2023