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The Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) has been given charge of maintaining the crime history repository for the state. This is the central database of all crime related records collected from judicial and law enforcement agencies in ND. The agency compiles arrest records, details on the issue of North Dakota active warrants, prosecution data of offenders, including verdict delivered in the matter as well as correctional information.

The BCI North Dakota also maintains the ND sex offender registry and disseminates crime history information among the criminal justice community as well as civilian applicants. Apart from this, the Bureau imparts several other core functions that help in the maintenance of law and order in the state. The Unit of Firearms Licensing, the division that offers training to law enforcement agents as well as the operation maintained for providing information to the public on the ill effects of narcotics usage all come under the BCI.

Although the agency does not initiate investigations in criminal matters at the behest of civilians, it is possible to get a warrant search done through the BCI. Also, the Bureau keeps a database of missing persons and cold cases for the state. Furthermore, they serve as the point of liaison for the Uniform Crime Reporting Service, which compiles crime related statistics for North Dakota.

What kind of arrest records inquiries are allowed by the BCI?

At this time, the Bureau offers name based warrant searches as well as investigations that are backed by the fingerprints of the subject. For the latter, you will need to get the person under inquiry to submit his fingerprints taken at a law enforcement office. It should be noted here that criminal history is maintained in reference to the fingerprints captured either at the time of arrest or from the scene of the crime.

 Information that is offered in response to arrest warrant inquiries

Conviction records cannot be sealed in North Dakota; this means that once a person has been found guilty of a certain crime, information on this will be available throughout his life to criminal justice agencies and civilian applicants. Even if other data is expunged through a court order, this will not apply to conviction details.

Typically ND arrest records will include information on all criminal matters that resulted in a conviction, charges which were dismissed, and cases in which the accused was acquitted as long as these are less than three years old and correctional data for the last three years. Crime history checks will not get you information on dismissed or acquittal cases and jail records that are more than three years old, juvenile cases, federal records, civil judgments, and details on criminal trials held in federal courts and in other states.

How to request arrest records from the ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

The BCI does not allow people to conduct warrant searches online or through fax. You will either have to visit the agency in person or write to them. For a name based search, you will need to supply the full name of the person under investigation, his date of birth, social security number or fingerprint cards, and the current address.

The subject will be notified of the inquiry unless he has signed an information release form. Use the request petition available at to provide these details. The subject authorization form is available at You will also need to include the fee of $15 for the inquiry. This will have to be paid through a check, or a money order was drawn in favor of the ND Attorney general’s Office.



Last Updated: February 17, 2023