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Recently, many have noted an increase in crime rates in the state of North Dakota. In a report released Tuesday by the Attorney General’s office, however, the data speaks to an amazingly steady rate over a fifteen year period, even through such things as a boom in oil and changes in demographics.

The report shows only a 2% increase in crime rates between 2012 and 2013, though it also shows an overall increase of 17 percent since 2010. However, it goes on to show that the rate is down by 10 percent since 2002, and from 15 years ago, it is down 6 percent.
Census information shows an increase in overall population by 13% since the low in 2002, attributed in part to an influx of oil workers. It also displays that the population is younger on average, down by thirty-seven years from 2010. The larger numbers of younger people is believed to be a contributing factor to the recent increase in crime.

The report is based on data collected by law enforcement all over North Dakota. Some types of crimes tracked by state agencies were not included as part of the report.